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The Debate Over Green Roofs and Rainwater Runoff

Green Roof
The United States Environmental Protection Agency cites rainwater runoff to be a major contributor to pollution in our lakes, rivers, streams, and ponds. In all areas, but primarily in cities, storm runoff carries pollutants to these waters, including chemicals, grease, and gasoline. A green roof will process rainwater and use it to water the plants on the roof, thus depleting the amount of runoff.

Rain Gardens – Water Conservation Landscapes

Rain gardens
By Richard McIntyre Landscapes and lawns can play a big role in water quality and quantity issues if they are not designed and managed properly. When you are able to maintain your designs and manage them, water resources can be protected leaving landscaping to provide other environmental and [...]

Eco-Friendly Garden Watering – How to Water Wisely

Watering My Garden
If you have a garden, then you have likely thought about your effect on the environment when you are out watering it. As more and more folks become aware that the things they do, use and throw away can all have a drastic effect on the world they live in, people are starting to look for new ways [...]

Rainwater Harvesting – The Installation of Rain Barrels

Rain barrel
Many people have become concerned about their impact on the environment in recent years. One thing that people commonly do that causes water to be wasted is using a garden hose to water their plants. Most of these people likely do not realize how much water they are wasting by doing this, but there are several ways to water your garden plants in a more efficient manner. [...]

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