Eco-Friendly Garden Watering – How to Water Wisely

Eco-friendly garden watering tips!

If you have a garden, then you have likely thought about your effect on the environment when you are out watering it. As more and more folks become aware that the things they do, use and throw away can all have a drastic effect on the world they live in, people are starting to look for new ways to do things that are more eco-friendly. One way in which people who have a garden can help accomplish this goal is to learn how to water wisely and change their garden watering habits. Using a hose that is constantly running to water your plants is a good way to waste a huge amount of water. Here are some ways that will allow for a more eco-friendly garden watering experience.

One eco-friendly garden watering method that a lot of people have been using for ages now is to simply collect rainwater and use that to water their garden with. While you can learn how to water wisely when using tap water or using a garden a hose, you will inevitably still end up wasting water. Collecting rainwater, however, is a way of wasting zero water. There are several different ways to go about collecting the rainwater, but one way is set up a barrel under the spout where the rainwater would fall out from your gutters. The barrel can be as big or small as you require, but by using a giant barrel, something that is the size of an oil drum, you can collect dozens of gallons at a time and store the water to use whenever you need it.

This next tip doesn’t deal so much with watering your plants, but more with using plants that do not require as much water as others might. To allow for eco-friendly garden watering, you can instead choose to put only drought resistant plants in your garden. This type of plant requires a minimum of moisture, hence the name, which consequently means you will not have to waste much water when watering them, especially if you know how to water wisely. A lot of people may think that the only plants available that don’t need a lot of water are either succulents or cacti, but that couldn’t further from the truth. There numerous gorgeous plants out there, even ones that bloom and blossom, that don’t require a lot of water.

These are just some of the eco-friendly garden watering tips you can use to learn how to water wisely, but there are plenty more tips you can use as well.

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