How to Water Your House Plants While You are Away on Vacation – Keep Your Plants from Dying While You are Not There

Watering probe for vacation watering

Even people who love gardening or raising plants need a break once in a while. Everybody needs to take a vacation just to get away from the stresses of life that each person in the world faces on a daily basis. When most people go on vacation, they either take their pets and kids along for the trip or find someone to watch over them for them. But what about those who have a garden or raise plants inside of their home? You can’t just uproot your plants and take those along with you. Sometimes you might be able to find a good friend you can trust to water them for you, but this is not always possible. So what is another method for how to water your plant house plants while you are away on vacation?

Before you start with this alternative watering method, if you are planning on turning down the air conditioning in your home, remember that the warmer temperature in your house means your plants will need more water than they normally, so keep that in mind. Right before you leave for your trip, give all of your plants plenty of water to soak them really well. Do this fairly slowly and continue to do it until water starts coming out of the drainage holes on the bottom of the pot. Knowing exactly how to water your house plants while you are away on vacation can be tricky, but it certainly isn’t impossible to do.

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If you only plan to be gone anywhere from a few days to as long as a week, this method should prove to enough to keep the majority of your plants alive and in good shape until you get back. Sometimes, however, you might have a plant that is a little more demanding in terms of how much water it needs. Knowing how to water your house plants while you are away on vacation can be a little harder in this situation. For these types of plants, fill up a container with water, making sure that the container has drainage holes in the bottom of it. Simply set your plant inside of this container and it will be able to drink up the water as its soil continues to dry out.

Another way to water your house plants while you are away on vacation is to buy a commercial product that is designed to do just that. Things like watering wicks, self-watering probes and capillary mats are all created so that they can water your plants while you are away.


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