What are the Best Drought-Resistant Plants, Trees and Shrubs – What to Plant that Doesn’t Require Much Watering

Drought resistant lavender

In this day and age, more and more people are looking for ways to keep from wasting resources, conserve energy and reduce their overall impact on the environment. One way in which people who raise a garden or tend to their lawn can help the environment is by reducing the amount of water they use. While it is necessary to use water to take care of a garden or lawn, you can water more wisely to ensure that less water is wasted. One way to do this is to use trees, shrubs and plants that are drought-resistant. These types of plants are good for being eco-friendly because they can live on very little water. So what are the best drought-resistant plants, trees and shrubs to use?

In terms of trees, the Scotch pine is one tree that everybody can agree is a most certainly a drought-resistant tree. A Rocky Mountain juniper is another tree that is able to survive on very little water. It is a very tough tree, with very dense branches, plus it is a very easy tree to grow. The green ash is another tree that can live with very little watering. The Ponderosa pine is a very big tree which can sometime be as tall as 80 feet. They do very good in growing the sun, but this tree can also do pretty good at growing in a shaded area too. So what are the best drought-resistant plants, trees and shrubs? Continue reading on for a list of shrubs that need very little water to survive.

A dense shrub that usually grows to be about 7 or 8 feet tall is the Nanking cherry bush. During the spring you will this bush with little pink flowers all over it and in the fall, it will have small cherries on it, causing the branches to droop slightly. The common lilac is another drought-resistant shrub that is very nice to just admire, as it has a number of colors, from red, to white and light purple.

Lavender is a plant that not only looks lovely with it bright purple blossoms, but it also has a wonderful smell to it as well. It is an excellent choice for someone who is wondering what are the best drought-resistant plants, trees and shrubs. Another good choice is the yarrow, a yellow plant that is great at surviving both droughts and heat.


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