Eco-friendly Ways of Watering Your Lawn – Caring for Both Your Lawn and the Environment at the Same Time

Caring for your lawn

These days, a lot more people are starting to realize that the things they use and the things they do all have some impact on the environment. Some people have started using their own refillable water bottles rather than having to throw away all the plastic bottles found on store shelves. Other people have given up on using plastic bags at the grocery store, using their own reusable bag instead. For those who own a home, watering your lawn can end up being a huge waste of water resources. Here are some eco-friendly ways of watering your lawn.

Eco-friendly lawn wateringThe first thing you can do to reduce your impact on the environment when watering your lawn is to invest in rain barrels to collect rain water. This is a fairly cheap investment to make, yet it will go a long ways in reducing your environmental impact, as you will have plenty of water to use without wasting water from a garden hose. In the old days, people would use oil drums to collect the rain water and use it to water their crops. In modern times, however, you can purchase plastic barrels in which to collect rain water. Depending on the exact size you get, you can end up dozens and dozens of gallons to use over time as you need it. There are plenty of other eco-friendly ways of watering your lawn too. Even though there is some work to maintain your lawn, flow meters will help monitor and regulate your water consumption to get the best effect for your garden.

When people think about watering their lawn, they also somehow think this also means that they have to spray off their sidewalk or driveway. Doing this is bad for a couple of reasons. One, it is not an eco-friendly way of watering your lawn, as it wastes a huge amount of water resources. More importantly than that though, when you spray off your driveway or sidewalk, you are causing that water to collect all kinds of chemicals and other pollutants that will go on to poison the water supply in whatever river, ocean or lake it ends up in. Also, when watering your actual lawn, make sure that you do not end up over watering. If you see any moss growing, that means you are watering too much.

Soaker hoses are very different from ordinary garden hoses in that they have been specially designed to seep water out slowly and steadily through thousands of holes along its length. Lawns and gardens can be efficiently watered this way because water is delivered directly to the roots of plants and precisely where you want it.

Another eco-friendly way of watering your lawn is simply not have a lawn to water in the first place. This may sound crazy to some, but using artificial grass on your lawn does not require any watering whatsoever, making it ideal for those who live in areas that commonly have droughts. It might be fake, but it looks and also feels very real.

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